Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Battle Ground, WA

During your first visit with your dentist at Battle Ground Dental they will determine the over all health of your gums and bone supporting your teeth by completing a full comprehensive periodontal charting to determine what type of cleaning you will need.

If you are someone who has had their teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months, have minimal bleeding, with healthy levels of bone you will most likely be diagnosed and recommended to have a general cleaning which is known as an adult prophy cleaning every 6 months.

Family Dentist Battle Ground WA

If it has been many years since you have had your teeth professionally cleaned you could still be diagnosed with a routine maintenance with your hygienist every 6 months. However, you may need a minimum of 2 appointments back to back with in a 2-4 week timeline to get you on a regular routine due to years of build up on your teeth.

At Battle Ground Dental you will be taken care of by Dr. Jeff Kockritz or Dr. Spencer Woodbury, along with their entire team to best manage and support you with having a comfortable and great patient experience.

Periodontal Professional Dental Therapy

A full level of periodontal charting will be completed by your dental hygienist by measuring the over all health of your gums. When measuring your gums the hygienist will educate you on what is considered healthy and what may be a concern with deeper measurements, which is a sign of periodontal disease. Note 2 and 3 mm pockets are healthy and 4+ mm pockets with bone loss are unhealthy. The good news is we have services that will help manage your infection and or disease. The periodontal charting provides good diagnoses to your over all-dental care needs. A periodontal charting is completed on patients over 18 and is completed a minimum of 1 time a year.

After your dentist and hygienist have established you have periodontal disease they will highly recommend completing your routine professional Periodontal Therapy at least 3 to 4 times a year. Instead of seeing your hygienist every 6 months you will be seeing your hygienist every 3 to 4 months to manage your periodontal disease and keep it under control.

Comprehensive Exam

Full thorough exam completed by Dr. Kockritz or Dr. Woodbury. During the exam the dentist will chart all your current treatment or procedures that have been completed prior to you becoming a permanent patient of our practice. This exam will also provided the dentist will diagnose and unhealthy tooth decay, broken teeth, or broken down old fillings.

Be prepared to discuss any previous dental treatment you have had with Dr Kockritz or Dr. Woodbury. Understanding what treatment or procedures you have had previously allows us to plan the best course of treatment for you going forward

Digital X-rays

You will likely need dental x-rays. Unless you have had them performed recently and have brought them with you or asked your previous dentist to send them. No dentist can or will start any course of dental care without first using x-rays to get a good perspective on what’s going on in your mouth. A panoramic x-ray can show both your upper and lower jaw in one picture. This can be helpful in diagnosing bite and alignment issues.

Digital x-rays provide the dentist at Battle Ground Dental to diagnose decay, impacted teeth, gum and bone infection, and more. Digital x-rays are recommended for each patient depending on their risk factor at least a minimum 1 x a year for bitewing x-rays, and minimum of 5 year for a full set of dental x-rays.

Dental Fillings

At Battle Ground Dental both Dr. Kockritz and Dr. Woodbury believe in saving and restoring as much of your natural tooth as possible. Both doctors believe in using the white color composite filling material to replace old silver fillings, decay, and or broken teeth. White colored fillings are bonded to your natural tooth. Bonded Resin fillings can be used on your front or back teeth to create a long lasting, natural look and feel. Providing a tooth color filling minimizes the loss of natural tooth as well with having the capacity to bond the resin composite filling to your natural tooth.

Dental Crown & Dental Bridge

Dental Crown

At Battle Ground Dental sometimes the treatment for your tooth may be a dental crown. If the dentist is unable to fix your tooth with a filling because the tooth has been broken, damaged, or fractured. A filling will not provide the strength and support needed to protect your minimal remaining tooth.

A crown can provide a solid foundation and support structure to a tooth that has been broken, damaged, or fractured. Crowns provide full coverage over the top of an existing tooth, root, or implant. Crowns can also provide you with a new smile in the front with a natural design, color, and shape to create a look and smile you desire.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a great option when a tooth is missing or needing to be extracted. With having two teeth on each side of the missing tooth it provides an option to bridge in the missing tooth with a false tooth. The teeth on each side of the missing tooth will provide support as abutments to the missing tooth to create what is called a 3-unit porcelain ceramic bridge. This is a great fixed permanent option, which will allow you to smile, chew, and speak with confidence. This type of a dental procedure can be completed in 2 appointments just 2 to 3 weeks apart depending on healing time

Root Canals

A dental root canal may need to be performed to prevent having your tooth extracted. If your tooth is decayed and hurting into the nerve of your tooth the only option at this point is to save the tooth or extract the tooth. At Battle Ground Dental our dentists believe in saving your natural teeth if possible.

A root canal can provide a way of saving your tooth and getting you out of pain and discomfort by removing the infected nerve down in side the roots of your tooth. Once the infection is removed a dental filling material designed for inserting into the canals of your tooth will be placed. This will provide no more infection to get into the canals. Once your root canal is completed the dentist will cover with a full crown to protect and allow you to eat and chew as normal.


Dental Extractions may be needed for many reasons. The following are reasons why our dentists at Battle Ground Dental may recommend:

  • Wisdom teeth that are hurting, infected, and or have no room in your mouth.
  • A tooth that has been fractured through to the root and cant be saved.
  • A tooth that is severely decayed into the root.
  • A tooth that has no foundation or structure to restore.
  • Orthodontic treatment with over crowding teeth.

At Battle Ground Dental our doctors can provide and recommend the best treatment for you as the patient when it is time to make decisions for removing any teeth. Our goal is to protect and save as many natural teeth as possible.

Call Battle Ground Dental today to schedule an appointment for the entire family in Battle Ground, WA. Give our office a call at (360) 687-4721!

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